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The Osprey's Photo Gallery:
Shelter Island Sheep

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Sheep--PeconicAve.jpg (111985 bytes)
A white Sheep on Peconic Ave.

PinkSheep---MidwayRd.jpg (92830 bytes)
A pink sheep on Midway Rd.

PizzaSheep---Rt114.jpg (93537 bytes)
A colorful "Pizza" Sheep on Rt. 114.

SharkSheep---PoliceSta.jpg (54697 bytes)
Shark Sheep at SI Police Station.

SheepWing--Rt114.jpg (98689 bytes)
Sheep with wings & horns on Rt. 114.

SheepWLights---Rt114.jpg (97947 bytes)
Sheep with lights on Rt 114.

SpidermanSheep---DinahRockR.jpg (120954 bytes)
Spiderman Sheep on Dinah Rock Rd.

SunflowerSheep---ProspectAv.jpg (107826 bytes)
Sunflower Sheep on Prospect Ave.

MermaidSheep.jpg (65833 bytes)
Mermaid Sheep

UnitedAirLambSheep.jpg (83178 bytes)
United Air Lamb Sheep

350thBirthdaySheep.jpg (54647 bytes)
350th Birthday Sheep on Dinah Rock Rd

RollerSkatingSheep.jpg (78561 bytes)
Skateboarding Sheep on Country Club Drive

RamIsSheepByPool.jpg (78682 bytes)
Hooray for the "Ewe". S. of A Sheep on Ram Is. submitted by Debbie Weaver

armoredSheep.jpg (44394 bytes)
An Armored Sheep submitted by Debbie Weaver

BdayCakeSheep.jpg (44997 bytes)
Another 350th Birthday Sheep submitted by Debbie Weaver 

BowlingSheep.jpg (43869 bytes)
Bowling Sheep submitted by Debbie Weaver 

DeerSheep.jpg (38796 bytes)
Deer Sheep submitted by Debbie Weaver.

FlowerHearts.jpg (42286 bytes)
Sheep with flowers & Hearts submitted by Debbie Weaver.

hydrangaSheep.jpg (80279 bytes)
Hydrangea Sheep submitted by Debbie Weaver.

MartinaSheep.jpg (62329 bytes)
Martina Navatorolla Sheep submitted by Debbie Weaver.

Mets31Sheep.jpg (51148 bytes)
A Mets Sheep submitted by Debbie Weaver.

RabbitSheep.jpg (36593 bytes)
A bunny Sheep on Ram Is submitted by Debbie Weaver..

seacreaturesSheep.jpg (43752 bytes)
The Sea Creatures Sheep near West Neck Harbor submitted by Debbie Weaver..

SImosaicSheep.jpg (56032 bytes)
A Sheep with the Shelter Island Map submitted by Debbie Weaver..

soccerSheep.jpg (41974 bytes)
A Soccer Sheep submitted by Debbie Weaver.

sunburstSheep.jpg (70186 bytes)
A Sunburst Sheep submitted by Debbie Weaver.

WeLoveGmaSheep.jpg (50473 bytes)
A Sheep for Grandma submitted by Debbie Weaver.

WolfInALamb.jpg (37426 bytes)
"WolfSheep" submitted by Debbie Weaver.

fairydust.jpg (67268 bytes)
Submitted by wombatsleeping

meditationSheep.jpg (51816 bytes)
"Meditation" Submitted by wombatsleeping

out-of-the-attic.jpg (58495 bytes)
"Out of Attic"
Submitted by wombatsleeping

picnic.jpg (56753 bytes)
Submitted by wombatsleeping

chiasheep.jpg (88692 bytes)
"Chia Sheep" on Rt 114 submitted by Debbie Weaver

par6.jpg (50199 bytes)
"PAR 6" Sheep in Hay Heach submitted by Debbie Weaver

savagesEwenite.jpg (78455 bytes)
"Savages Ewenite" on Seagull Lane submitted by Debbie Weaver.

Sheep2Shore.jpg (61636 bytes)
"Sheep to Shore" in Montclaire

SheepWreckerd.jpg (65025 bytes)
"Sheep Wrecked" on Midway Rd submitted by Debbie Weaver.

TexasSheep.jpg (47345 bytes)
"Texas Sheep" on Rt. 114 submitted by Debbie Weaver.

YankeeSheep.jpg (74809 bytes)
"Yankees" by the Heights Fire Department submitted by Debbie Weaver.






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