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Shelter Island Sheep

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ZebraSheep.jpg (48367 bytes)
Zebra Sheep Submitted by

LeopardSheep.jpg (52100 bytes)
Leopard Sheep Submitted by

"2 Ewes" submitted by the Seymour Family.


CaughtOnTheLamb.jpg (73667 bytes)
"Caught on the Lamb" in Hay Beach.

HorseSheep.jpg (65448 bytes)
Horse Sheep

PirateSheep.jpg (90788 bytes)
Pirate Sheep near North Ferry.

shearbliss.jpg (31510 bytes)
"Shear Bliss" on Crab Creek Rd submitted by Ann Sutton

SailingSheep.jpg (76860 bytes)
Sailing Sheep on Cartwright Rd.

AnotherHydranga.jpg (76644 bytes)
submitted by Debbie Weaver

LUCASLAMBLY.jpg (74839 bytes)
"Lucas Lambily" submitted by Debbie Weaver

Ewe-2.jpg (61573 bytes)
submitted by Debbie Weaver

Mod.jpg (67834 bytes)
"Mod" on Midway Rd submitted by Debbie Weaver.

Sheepdog.jpg (76840 bytes)
"Sheepdog" submitted by Debbie Weaver

GarbageBags.jpg (48090 bytes)
Sheep made with Garbage Bags submitted by Debbie Weaver

Morgan.jpg (55924 bytes)
"Morgan" submitted by Debbie Weaver

SheepMD.jpg (42374 bytes)
Sheep, MD on Hay Beach Rd submitted by Debbie Weaver.

Irish.jpg (48239 bytes)
Irish Sheep in Silver Beach submitted by Debbie Weaver.

Panda.jpg (70216 bytes)
Panda Sheep on S. Ferry Rd submitted by Debbie Weaver

Splatter.jpg (72899 bytes)
Splatter Sheep on Ram Island submitted by Debbie Weaver

Kenzie.jpg (48401 bytes)
submitted by Debbie Weaver

PowerRanger.jpg (69353 bytes)
"Power Ranger" Sheep on Ram Is. fence submitted by Debbie Weaver

StrippedBaaas.jpg (65202 bytes)
Small "Fish Sheep" on Ram Is. fence submitted by Debbie Weaver

Leaping.jpg (43534 bytes)
Leaping Sheep on Ram Island submitted by Debbie Weaver.

Rain.jpg (94398 bytes)
Rain Sheep on Rt. 114 submitted by Debbie Weaver

armoredSheep.jpg (44394 bytes)
An Armored Sheep submitted by Debbie Weaver 

BdayCakeSheep.jpg (44997 bytes)
Another 350th Birthday Sheep submitted by Debbie Weaver 

BowlingSheep.jpg (43869 bytes)
Bowling Sheep submitted by Debbie Weaver 

AmericanFlagSheep---NBrande.jpg (85117 bytes)
American Flag Sheep on N. Brander Pkwy.

CoeclesShellShep---Crescent.jpg (108855 bytes)
Coecle Shell Sheep on Crescent Way .

ConstructnWorker---Manhasse.jpg (117497 bytes)
Construction Worker Sheep on Manhassett Rd.

RedMaskedSheep---TerryRd.jpg (77715 bytes)
A masked Sheep on Terry Rd.

RopeSheep--DinahRkRd.jpg (104127 bytes)
Our very own Rope Sheep on Dinah Rock Rd..

PaintedSISheep---EBranderPk.jpg (92020 bytes)
A nicely painted Sheep on East Brander Pkwy.

RainbowSheep---WNeckRd.jpg (96232 bytes)
Rainbow Sheep on West Neck Rd.

PineConeSheep---CrescentWay.jpg (154791 bytes)
A Pine Comb type Sheep on Crescent Way.

S&NShorn---Peconic-Ave.jpg (68928 bytes)
"North & South Shorn" Sheep on Peconic Ave.

Counting&BikiniSheep---Jack.jpg (74642 bytes)
Bikini & Counting Sheep at Jacks Marine.

SheepDotCom---NostromPky.jpg (85721 bytes)
"" on Nostram Pkwy.

GolfSheep--GoatHill.jpg (112598 bytes)
Golf Sheep at Goat Hill.

PokkaDots&BlueSheep-Nostran.jpg (106073 bytes)
Some colorful sheep on Nostrand Pkwy.

RamSheep---JaspaRd.jpg (110264 bytes)
"Ram" Sheep on Jaspa Rd.

FlagHands&Feet----MidwayRd.jpg (110976 bytes)
Hand & Foot Painted American Flag Sheep on Midway Rd.

GolfSheep---WNeckRd.jpg (104722 bytes)
Another Golf Sheep on West Neck Rd.

SheepCrossing--WinthropRd.jpg (118447 bytes)
Sheep Crossing on Winthrop Dr..

SheepInSuit--EBranderPky.jpg (107779 bytes)
Sheep in a suit on East Brander Pkwy.

PaintedSheep---NostrandPkwy.jpg (116115 bytes)
Painted Sheep on Nostrand Pkwy.

RedWhBlueSheep--GardinerBay.jpg (121072 bytes)
A Red, White & Blue Sheep on Gardiners Bay Dr.




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