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The Osprey's Photo Gallery:
Noyack Bay

Welcome to the Noyack Photo Gallery!  This is our collection of photographs that we have taken around the Noyac Bay. We hope you will enjoy them as much as we enjoyed taking them.

If you have a picture of Noyack you would like us to post on please e-mail them to Please remember to give us your name and where the picture was taken.  We look forward to seeing your pictures of Noyack Bay!


3 Ospreys in nest 6.jpg (80038 bytes)
Noyack Bay
 A family of ospreys in Noyack Creek.

big houses on Noyack Bay east.jpg (93386 bytes)
Noyack Bay
A huge home along North Haven.

boat on Jessups point.jpg (64612 bytes)
Noyack Bay
 A lone boat along Jessups Neck.

Coecles Boat in N Haven Crk.jpg (115605 bytes)
 Noyack Bay
Shelter Island Runabout near North Haven

bird on piling 3.jpg (110049 bytes)
Noyack Bay
A sunning bird near Jessup's Neck.

ospreys in dead tree.jpg (32826 bytes)
Noyack Bay
Two ospreys on dead tree inside Jessups.

view inside Noyack Crk.jpg (64600 bytes)
Noyack Bay
A view from inside Noyack Creek.

South Side Nets on Jessups 4.jpg (73967 bytes)
Noyack Bay
Birds and fishing nets along Jessups.

docks inside Mill Crk.jpg (81545 bytes)
Noyack Bay
A private dock inside Mill Creek.

Gleason Pt 2.jpg (68883 bytes)
Noyack Bay
Gleason Point, North Haven.

Huge house on Noyack bay.jpg (75932 bytes)
Noyack Bay
Another large home on North Haven.

Mooring barge in Mill Crk.jpg (58465 bytes)
Noyack Bay
A mooring barge inside Mill Creek.

nets on noyack bay east side 3.jpg (119160 bytes)
Noyack Bay
Fishing nets along North Haven.

Noyack Crk entrance 3.jpg (73680 bytes)
Noyack Bay
The entrance to Noyack Creek.

Nrth Nets at Jessups 2.jpg (132878 bytes)
Noyack Bay
Fishing Nets off Jessups Neck.

old skiff.jpg (161816 bytes)
Noyack Bay
Old Skiff inside Noyack Creek.

onely dock.jpg (121936 bytes)
Noyack Bay
Lonely Dock inside Noyack Creek.

Osprey in nest 2.jpg (37578 bytes)
Noyack Bay
An osprey in its nest in Jessups Neck.

Trout Pond Park.jpg (165741 bytes)
Noyack Bay
Trout Pond Park along Noyack Road.

SunsetInNoyacBay.jpg (31352 bytes)
Noyack Bay
Sunset in Noyack Bay submitted by Craig Roser.



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