Orient Harbor Cruising Guide:
Navigation & Important Waypoints


The following is information you may need wile entering Orient Harbor or Inside Orient Harbor.  We have also listed a number of important waypoints in the area.



Entering Orient Harbor...

You enter Orient Harbor from Gardiner's Bay or Shelter Island Sound by passing between the Red #6 nun and Bug Light (Tip of Long Beach Preserve).  To be cautious it would be wise to stay closer to the Red #6 than to the beach, for there are some rocks and shoaling close to the tip of Long Beach. Boaters can also enter the Harbor by passing between the Red #6 and Red #8 (near Cleaves Point).  While between #6 and #8 does not offer as much water it still offers a depth of between 8-10 feet.  The water in the center of the harbor is fairly deep (25 feet) and boaters should feel very comfortable entering the harbor.


Inside the Harbor...

Once inside the harbor you will find plenty of water for the most part.  As you head towards eastern end of the Harbor, you will see the water shallowing to five feet or less near the entrance to Hallock BaySee Hallock Bay Cruising Guide for details on entering the Bay.

The water near the yacht club and along Long Beach which is most popular for anchoring also offers 8-10 feet of water.  While the waters between #6 and #8 red cans are not as deep as the majority of the harbor they do offer between 8 and 10 feet of water.


Important Waypoints...

Buoy Number Location Chart Image  JPG Picture
Orient Point Lighthouse:  64ft, 5 second flash w/ horn. 41 09.811' N
072 13.417' W

MIDCHANNEL "MS": Marking Midway Shoal (southeast of Orient Lght) 41 09.751' N
072 12.656' W
Plum Island Lighthouse:  Flash every 2.5 sec. 41 10.428' N
072 12.698' W

Flashing Red Bell "2PG": Marking entrance to Plum Gut from east, NW of Plum Island 41 10.571' N
072 13.102' W
Red & White Whistle: 1.5 NM from Rams Head. 41 05.987' N
072 15.987' W

Red Bell 2: Southeast of Bug Light 41 06.175' N
072 18.060' W

#3 Green Buoy near Bug Light: Located off Ram Island on Shelter Island. 41 06.09' N
072 18.40' W
Latest position taken on 6/29/01

Bug Lighthouse:
Flashes every 4 seconds
41 06.541' N
072 18.357' W

#7 Green Buoy near Bug Light: 
Red 6: Southwest of Bug Light marking entrance to Orient Harbor 41 06.867' N
072 19.014' W
Red 8: Southwest of Bug Light marking entrance to Orient Harbor 41 06.877' N
072 20.029' W
Green Post 1: Marking the entrance to Hallock Bay 41 07.563' N
072 17.005' W


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