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There are two areas that are very popular for anchoring inside Orient Harbor; near the yacht club and along Orient Beach State Park (Long Beach Sanctuary).

The Orient Yacht Club is located along the north-east shore line of Orient Harbor and is 1.4 NM from the Red 6 can marking the entrance to Orient Harbor.  From The Red 6 nun head on a course heading of 36 N.  The Yacht Club is located at 41 08.2' N, 072 18.3' W.  You can anchor to the north of the moorings where there is approximately 8-10 feet of water.  For more on the Orient Yacht Club, please see the Orient Harbor Marinas Page.

The second anchorage is along Long Beach Sanctuary.  The Long Beach Sanctuary separates Orient Harbor from Gardiner's Bay and extended out over 4 miles from Orient Point out to Bug Light.  This area offers a sandy/rocky bottom with great view of Bug Light and the sanctuary with 8-10 feet of water.  While anchoring along this pristine beach is quite beautiful, the shore line has numerous posted signs warning the curious boater not to land.  

While anchoring along the preserve on the Gardiner's Bay sign may not be suitable for an overnight stay (depending on the night), we have paused from sailing to anchor and have lunch of this beautiful beach.  





Other Areas of Interest:
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