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Welcome to Orient Harbor!

A view of Orient Harbor Shoreline.


Orient Harbor is located just to the east of Greenport and north of Shelter Island and is far less populated.  While Orient may best be know for the infamous "Plum Gut" (See Orient Point Cruising Guide), it also offers a wonderful oasis for the traveling boater.

Orient Harbor is the home of one of the most peaceful summer retreats on the east end.  The Harbor is protected from the south, north and east by some gorgeous beaches and shorelines.  The shoreline to the north is scattered with some summer homes with spectacular views of Shelter Island and Greenport.  While the Southern shoreline is the home of the Orient State Park: Long Beach Sanctuary home of numerous wildlife including many local ospreys.

This harbor is not as popular to boaters as some of it neighbors (Greenport or Shelter Island), but if your looking to get away from it all this is the place to be.  While the harbor lacks any major shopping areas or restaurants, it does offer some cute shops a local yacht club, a nearby farm stand and a family run Ice Cream Place.  The harbor also offers some wonderful protected anchorages with spectacular views of Shelter Island and nearby Bug light.  

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