Hallock Bay Cruising Guide:
Things To Do


Here are some ideas of things to do in Hallock Bay: 




Hallock Bay and Little Bay (Eastern end of Hallock Bay) offer a wonderful area to explore by small boat or dinghy. Exploring through this area is quite a wonderful experience.  The area is quiet, peaceful and filled with wild life.  The shore to the south which separated Hallock Bay from Gardiner's Bay is a State Park and preserve.  This park is open to the public and offers some wonderful scenery.


Kayaks & Canoeing:

If you like exploring, I can think of no better way of doing so than in a canoe or Kayak.  The area is so peaceful and quiet it really does demand a way of exploring that maintains that tranquil environment.  

Kayaks and Canoes can rented by two local businesses.  Eagle Neck Paddle (631-765-3502) Company and Narrow River Marina (631-323-2660) both rent Kayaks and canoes on a hourly or daily basis.  Eagle Neck also offers guided tours.












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