Hallock Bay Cruising Guide:
Navigation & Important Waypoints


Entering Hallock Bay ...

entering this beautiful Bay is visually confusing.  As you travel through Orient Harbor you are traveling in deep waters which quickly turn shallow when entering Hallock Bay.  Despite the dramatic change in depth there is still adequate water for most smaller boats (between 3-5 feet just outside the entrance).  When I entered for the first time I took it very slow but never came close to hitting during the mid-tide.

At the entrance to the Bay you are greeted with several pilings used as channel markers.  At the entrance is a Green pole #1.  Are you pass the first pole you will need to turn  sharply to the starboard bow to another green pole #3 .  Than to confuse matters you need to make a sharp turn back to port to another Green Pole #5 with a Red Pole #4 directly next to it.  See Image Here.  after this wild entrance the markers are very clear into Hallock Bay and lead you up to Narrow River Marina.  But entering seems very confusing.  

During my last visit to the area I decided to cut that second pole and go from Red #4 directly to the opening.  I was able to do so without hitting bottom and with 3-5 foot of water.  I would recommend taking the entrance very slow especially during your first visit.  Adventurers in Dinghies traveling from Orient Harbor, need not worry.


Inside the Bay...

Once through the opening of the Bay water gets shallow just outside the channel (3 feet) and then drop down to 6-8 feet for the majority of the Bay.  It was obvious to me that some of the locals know the area very well and were even speeding through the channel and bay.  While I wasn't that brave during my first visit (drawing less than 3 feet with the Rosborough), I did gain some confidence during my second visit.  While increasing the roar on my 90HP engine, I found the tranquility of this beautiful area slowly slip away so while I knew I had enough water to go roar I chose to sit back, go slow and enjoy the beautiful surroundings (and I got some great pictures).  

While there appears to be no speed limit in Hallock Bay. Little Bay's entrance is marked with a 5mph speed limit sign.

Important Waypoints...

Buoy Number Location Chart Image  JPG Picture
Green #1 Piling:  Marking Hallock Bay Entrance 41 07.563' N
072 17.005' W
Little Bay Entrance 41 08.188' N
072 15.584' W
Orient Point Lighthouse:  64ft, 5 second flash w/ horn. 41 09.811' N
072 13.417' W



MIDCHANNEL "MS": Marking Midway Shoal (southeast of Orient Lght) 41 09.751' N
072 12.656' W
Plum Island Lighthouse:  Flash every 2.5 sec. 41 10.428' N
072 12.698' W
Flashing Red Bell "2PG": Marking entrance to Plum Gut from east, NW of Plum Island 41 10.571' N
072 13.102' W
Red & White Whistle: 1.5 NM from Rams Head. 41 05.987' N
072 15.987' W

Red Bell 2: Southeast of Bug Light 41 06.175' N
072 18.060' W

#3 Green Buoy near Bug Light: Located off Ram Island on Shelter Island. 41 06.09' N
072 18.40' W
Latest position taken on 6/29/01

Bug Lighthouse:
Flashes every 4 seconds
41 06.541' N
072 18.357' W

#7 Green Buoy near Bug Light: 
Red 6: Southwest of Bug Light marking entrance to Orient Harbor 41 06.867' N
072 19.014' W
Green Post 1: Marking the entrance to Hallock Bay 41 07.563' N
072 17.005' W






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