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Welcome to Hallock Bay!


Inside Hallock Bay & Little Bay

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Hallock Bay is a small area located in the northeast corner of Orient Harbor.  Hallock Bay is also the home of a local marina, a boat ramp and numerous local ospreys. Hallock Bay also leads boaters to Little Bay which is in the eastern tip of Hallock Bay and is a great area to explore.  Kayaks will especially love Little Bay.  

Hallock Bay can be described as one of the most tranquil areas on eastern Long Island.  This shallow bay is mostly populated by wildlife and beautiful scenery. The bay is protected by the Long Beach Peninsula which is the home to a wonderful state park. 

This area is very shallow, which is why many larger boats over look this area for Orient Harbor or Orient Point instead.  But still if you have a shallow raft boat or a good dink for some exploring, I think you'll like what you see here.   See our navigation page for details.

While this area may not be the best area for larger vessels, it is certainly an area worth exploring and spending some time.


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Local Regulations:
  • Please observe a 5mph Speed limit while inside Little Bay.5mph-sign-in-Little-Bay.jpg (26046 bytes)








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