Montauk Cruising Guide:




Montauk Harbor offers a well protected harbor for seasonal or transient boaters. There are two popular anchorages inside Montauk Harbor.  



Anchorage Behind Star Island...

AnchorageBehindStarIsland.jpg (26246 bytes)The first of the two anchorages is located behind the southwest corner of Star Island. This anchorage is close to many of the marinas and has access to many local shops and stores.  The anchorage is well protected on three sides and only exposed to winds from the south.  During the summer season it offers a wonderful view of the harbor while offering you all of the treat that Montauk has to offer.  The bottom has a lot of eelgrass, make sure your anchor is secure.

Sailors should be careful while traveling past can #10. For boats drawing 4-5 foot make a wide turn into anchorage after passing the red #10 buoy or go to the green #11 buoy and then turn into anchorage.  There is a sand bar that can be a nuisance.  The anchorage behind Star Island has between 5-7 feet of water at low tide.  There are several boat seasonally moored in the anchorage that draw a little over 5 foot.  See our navigational page for details on hazards in the harbor.

After anchoring there is a nearby beach to land your dink and walk to Star Island or to Gossman's Dock.

In September of 2002, Dennis from Bay Shore Long Island informed us that he was chased out of this area by the bay constable for anchoring too close to someone's property.  I guess we are not always welcomed in this spot, but as long as you avoid this one "crunchy" neighbor we think you'll be fine.



Anchorage at Head of the Harbor...

HeadofHarbor.jpg (19242 bytes)The second anchorage is located deep inside Montauk in the southern portion of the harbor.  This anchorages is also well protected from the prevailing southwesterly summer winds and has a beautiful scenic view of the harbor.  

The anchorage offer approximately 8 feet of water and access to both a beach and walking distance to the ocean.  By walking through the small beach and to the main road (right turn on 27 then left turn to beach) you can easily walk across to the ocean beaches.

There are also some local restaurant that are also accessible from the water and serves both lunch and dinner.  See our Restaurant Page for other nearby eating spots.



Montauk also offers plenty of marine services including marinas, a coast guard station, pump out facilities and a pump out boat that will visit you in either of the anchorages.  See our Marinas Page and Marine Services for more information.





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