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Gardiner's Island Cruising Guide

Anchored viewof Gardiners Island


Welcome to the Gardiner's Island Cruising Guide. Gardiner's Island is one of the east end's finest treasures.  The island is still privately owned and operated by the Gardiners as it has been for hundreds of years.  This island has remained untouched from visitors and travelers for years and it continues to be off limits today.  Keeping visitors off the island has kept the island preserved and takes you back in time when you step on it.

While many boaters are very familiar with Gardiner's shores and waters, the island continues to be off limits to visitors.  Boats sometimes anchor inside Cherry Harbor for the day and a close up view of the island.  From Cheery Harbor you can view the beautiful landscape, the windmill and a glimpse of Gardiner's Mansion which Mr. Gardiner still stays at today.  Boaters are not permitted to land or walk on the beaches.  There are local patrols with 4 wheel drive vehicles that will ask you to leave if you do land on the beach.  Obviously there is no access to any part of the island, Cartwright Island or on "the Ruins".  Look below for a map of the island or CLICK HERE.



OspreysGuide.com Boat at the docks on Gardiner's Island.


For more information of Gardiner's Island and our visit to the Island in August of 2001, please see Gardiner's Island General Guide.  

OspreysGuide.com also offers a rare collection of pictures from out tour of the island in our Photo Gallery.


A map of Gardiners Island


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