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Sag Harbor Cruising Guide:


The anchorage for Sag Harbor is located outside the Jetty to the east of the village.  The anchorage is well protected from the southwest breezes of the summer and accommodates some very large vessels. Anchoring inside the Jetties is prohibited.

Boaters should take caution while accessing the anchorage and traveling around the Jetty. See our navigation section for details.

Boats should enter the anchorage area by passing between the Green 9 and Green 9A cans outside the Jetty.  There is approximately 12-15 feet of water while traveling to the anchorage area.  Depending on how close you choose to be to the shore and Jetty, the anchorage is generally 8-10 feet deep in most areas.  Be sure to look over the area with your chart before entering Sag Harbor.

There are also several private mooring located in this area.  They are privately owned and maintained and traveling boaters should not use without proper permission.

Once anchored you can easily access the town by dink.  There is a break in the breakwater for you to pass through by dink so you don't have to go all the way around it.  Once inside the Breakwater you can leave your dink at the town dock or nearby beach, west of the marinas (near the Windmill).





Remember Major's Cove and Northwest Harbor also offer great anchorages.






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