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Welcome to the Village of Sag Harbor!




The Village of Sag Harbor is one of the most popular lost on Eastern Long Island.  The harbor is well know for the numerous large yachts that stay in this port throughout the season.  Numerous yachts over 100 feet long are regular sights in Sag Harbor.  The village of Sag Harbor is located just on the shores of this popular port. Sag Harbor is also know for some wonderful restaurants and for the celebrities that frequent them. 

The harbor is generally very calm with little wake due to the jetty that protects it from passing boats in Gardiners Bay and Shelter Island Sound.  The harbor has everything that a traveling boater needs including access to local restaurants, ATM Machines, a town boat ramp, marinas, local markets, and plenty of things to do.

Our family visits Sag Harbor on a regular basis and entering this port is always a thrill.  The docks are always filled with impressive vessels and the town is always filled with plenty of things to do.

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Here are some local regulations you will need to know while in Sag Harbor:
  • The Harbor speed limit if 5 mph per hour and/or No Wake.

  • Reckless endangerment and/or the operation of any vessel while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is prohibited.

  • No boat shall remain at any Village Marine facility without a permit. Mooring and dockage slots may not be privately sublet or reassigned, and only one vessel is permitted per slot. Rafting in the Harbor is prohibited. See Harbormaster.

  • Water skiing, power surfboarding, jet skiing, etc. are prohibited within five hundred (500) feet from the shore, docks, moorings and the like. Swimming is prohibited in the Outer Harbor.

  • No sewage, oil, fuel, trash or fish carcasses of any kind may be deposited in the Harbor. Docks and bulkheads must be kept clean and unobstructed.  Garbage Receptacles are available - please use them.

  • No engine or noise producing device (whistle, radio, gun, etc.) shall be operated between 8:00pm and 8:00am except when entering or departing the Harbor.

  • Use our free Pump out Facilities. Arrange for pump outs with the Harbormaster or the Dockmaster.  See our Marine Services Page.

  • Use biodegradable cleaners when cleaning boats.

  • Public Restrooms are available for your convenience on Bay Street, adjacent to Marine Park, and in the Municipal Building on Main Street.

  • Use care when fueling your boat. All oil spills must be reported to the Harbormaster.

  • Vessels must be kept in good "seamanlike" condition.



For more information on the Harbor of Sag Harbor contact the harbormaster at 631-725-2638.





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