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The Indians called Shelter Island "Manhansack-aha-quashawomock", which meant "an island sheltered by islands".  And that is exactly what makes this island so special.  

Shelter Island (or "The Rock" as it is commonly called) is nestled between the twin forks of Long Island, protecting it from the swells of the ocean.  Shelter Island was first settled by the Manhassett Indians and then later by the English in 1652. There are many interesting facts to be learned about Shelter Island's long and rich history.

Today sailors and boaters, alike continue to enjoy these beautiful waters.  We highly recommended a sail or cruise around Shelter Island.  While circling the island you will see not only all the beautiful sights Shelter Island has to offer, but also to gorgeous scenery of the North and South Forks.  While the scenery is beautiful, please beware of several "touchy" areas if you are boating around the island  For more information please see our "Waypoints & Hazard Around Shelter Island" Page.



This year is Shelter Island's 350th Anniversary. To commemorate this celebration families and individuals have been asked to display decorated wooden sheep cutouts on their front lawns.  Just like the decorated cows from a few years ago, it is hoped our Shelter Island Sheep will bring with it the same sense of unity and celebration.  The sheep were chosen because for many generations sheep grazed throughout, particularly on the Ram islands. Islanders throughout the island will be displaying their own sheep from May 2002 through August 2003.  See some of the Shelter Island Sheep in our Photo Gallery.











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