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West Neck Harbor Cruising Guide: 
Things To Do 


This harbor is as beautiful as it is fun.  There are many fun and interesting things to do while in West Neck Harbor.  Here are just a few:


West Neck Harbor Chart close up.gif (32670 bytes)There are many many things to explore wile inside West Neck Harbor.  If you have a good reliable dinghy, you should be in for a real treat.

Menantic Creek:  Taking a dink up into Menantic Creek is always a real treat.  The creek is lined with some beautiful homes and some wonderful wild life.  If you have not explored the creek before it is well worth the trip.

West Neck Creek to West Neck Bay:  West Neck Bay is approximately one mile from the anchorage area.  You can access the Bay by dinghy or take your larger boat.  The Creek to West Neck Bay has plenty of depth, but the channel is very narrow.  The creek to the Bay is lined with wildlife, ospreys and some very beautiful homes.  The long creek eventually leads into West Neck Bay, which is a great place for swimming.  There is a no wake and 5mph restriction on the way to the creek.  Boats that draw over 5 feet may be better off using the dinghy or waiting for a high tide.  See the chart above for more details to the area.



Shelter Island Kayaks do many tours from West Neck Harbor.  Jay is a wonderful guide who is safe, friendly and knowledgeable of the area.  He will show you around the Harbor with a whole new perspective.  Many of his tours take you through Menantic Creek and other local spots.  Jay gives a great tour and a very reasonable price.  If you have never been in a kayak before, it really is a wonderful experience.  You can contact Shelter Island Kayaks at 631-749-1990 or click here for more.




There are two nice beaches that you can play at while staying in West Neck Harbor. Wades Beach and Shell Beach are both located at the entrance to the Harbor. Both beaches offer great beaches to spend a wonderful summer day.  For more information on beaches on Shelter Island see our general guide.





If you are looking for more ideas of things to do while on Shelter Island see Our General Guide.  Also make sure to see the calendar of events page.








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