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Mashomack Preserve Cruising Guide:
Navigation & Important Waypoints



Our Navigation section is broken down into four section; Approaching the Harbors, Hazards and Important Waypoints.


Approaching the Harbors....

As you approach both Majors Harbor and Smith Cove you will need to be aware of some hazards on the Eastern end of Mashomack and outside Sag Harbor.  Also, the tides that run past both Cedar point and the South Ferry are very strong and you may need to check the tides before planning a trip to this area.  



Hazards around Mashomack...

There are a few areas on concern around Mashoack:  

  • Rocks off Nicolls Point: These rocks off Mashomack are one of the biggest hazards around Shelter Island.  For years these two rocks were unmarked and sitting 18 inches below the surface approximately .35 miles from shore. We know of two large 40+ foot boats that have hit these rocks causing severe damage.  Luckily this year they finally but a hazard marker out there to mark the location.  The can is places east of the actual location of the rocks so pass the marker on the east side.  There are two lobster pots marking the exact location of the two rocks.  For waypoints of the hazard marker and rocks see below.  For a close up image of the rock during low here
  • Shallows off Sag Harbor:  As you round Mashomack Point you need to be aware of the Shallows off Sag Harbor.  Looking at the area, it would appear that you can go directly towards Sag Harbor, disregard the channel markers, and not have any problems.  This would be a very costly mistake.  The hazard marker indicates the northern point of these shallows.  For more information on the  hazards outside Mashomack see our Sag Harbor Cruising Guide.
  • fishing nets.gif (38750 bytes)Fishing nets inside Majors Harbor: As you approach Majors Harbor there are some fishing nets on the eastern shore of Majors Harbor.  The nets should not get in your way unless you come too close to Majors Harbors South-Eastern Shoreline.  The nets are marked at night with a yellow flashing light.  Click here for an image on a chartClick here for an image of the nets.
  • Mashomack Coastline:  The Coast line from Majors Harbor to Smith Cove is extremely rocky.  Some of these larger rocks are far enough out to cause some damage to a curious boater.  If you plan on going close to the shoreline (within 15 feet), remember to proceed with caution and be aware of some isolated rocks.  Click here for an image. 

Important Waypoints...

Buoy Number Location Chart Image  JPG Picture
Cedar Point Green 3 Tower: Located next to Cedar Point Lighthouse. 41 02.44' N
072 15.78' W
latest position taken 7/1/01

cedar point tower.gif (27021 bytes)

Cedar Point 2.jpg (22920 bytes)

#6 Red Nun: Off Cedar Point reroute to Coecles 41 02.34' N
072 16.21' W
latest position taken 7/1/01

cedar pt RN6.gif (27059 bytes)

Cedar Point red 6 (2).jpg (35595 bytes)

Hazard Buoy for Rocks off Nicolls Pt., Mashomack, Shelter Is.
41 03.04' N
072 16.07' W
latest position taken 7/1/01

nicoll pt rocks.gif (35904 bytes)

OG MASHOMACK ROCKS BOUY.jpg (35212 bytes)

OG MASHOMACK ROCK.jpg (40663 bytes)

#15 Green FL:  Near South Ferry near North Haven 41 02.60' N
072 18.69' W

Latest position taken on 7/1/01

South Ferry 15.gif (29407 bytes)

SPLIT ROCK:  In Smith Cove 41 03.05' N
072 18.36' W
Latest position taken on 7/1/01

split rock.gif (42697 bytes)

HAZARD BUOY:  located off Sag Harbor 41 0126' N
072 16.79' W
Latest position taken on 7/1/01

Sag hazard.gif (46295 bytes)

Sag Harbor Hazard Buoy 2.jpg (85117 bytes)


For more waypoints see Waypoints Around Shelter Island.






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