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Mashomack Preserve Cruising Guide:




Mashomack Preserve may not have all the amenities of the other harbors on Shelter
Island, but it does have two of the most beautiful anchorages on the East End. Majors
Harbor and Smiths Cove are both located within Mashomack Preserve and offer great
anchorages for the day or for overnight anchoring. While there used to be a local marina
in Smith's Cove, there are no longer any marinas in either of these harbors. 

Anchoring in Mashomack Preserve.......


Majors Cove 

CLICK TO ENLARGEMajors Cove is located on the South-East Point of Shelter Island and overlooks Sag Harbor. The cove offers a beautiful beach with a well protected harbor. The bottom
has a good holding ground so you can relax and have a peaceful nights sleep.

Whenever we have anchored inside the harbor, we usually tuck in behind Majors Point. Anchoring inside the Point protects you both from the Southwesterly summer winds and
from the wakes of passing power boats. As you can see from the chart, there is plenty of water throughout this harbor. Anchoring south and east of Majors Point is also great but you may experience more "rocking" from passing boats.  Spending the night in this oasis makes for a wonderful evening.



Smith's Cove 

CLICK TO ENLARGE Smith's Cove is located just west of Majors and is another great anchorage. As you can see from the chart, Smith's Cove is more exposed to boating traffic but it is protected from the prevailing southwesterly breezes. During a busy summer afternoon anchoring in this harbor may become quite "rocky" due to the heavy traffic going to and from Sag Harbor. The Cove does offer plenty of depth and gives you a fantastic view of Mashomack Preserve. Anchoring along the western Shoreline offers quite good protection. 

Over the year we have anchored in this harbor plenty of times. We have enjoyed anchoring during the day for lunch while circumnavigating Shelter Island. While anchoring along the western shore is most protective, the eastern shore line is less inhabited and quite picturesque. Along the eastern shore of Smith's Cove you will also find Split Rock, a great place to take a swim and walk the beach. For the location of Spit Rock see our Mashomack Preserve's navigation page.


For information on nearby hazards and important waypoints see our navigation
for Mashomack Preserve. 


For information on nearby hazards and important waypoints see our navigation page for Mashomack Preserve.






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