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Dering Harbor Cruising Guide: Navigating the Harbor & Important Waypoints



In this section we will describe to you everything you need to know while navigating inside and outside Dering Harbor.  The harbor offers a beautiful scenery with a very deep harbor to accommodate most visiting boaters.


Our Navigation section is broken down into four section; Entering the Harbor, Inside the Harbor, Hazards and Important Waypoints.


Entering the Harbor....

The entrance to the harbor is very wide to accommodate all the traffic in and out of the harbor.  Unlike West Neck Harbor and Coecles Harbor there are no sandbars to contend with while entering this harbor.  The well marked channel offers plenty of depth along with a well marked channel.


Inside The Harbor...

The harbor offers plenty of depth throughout the harbor.  


Hazards inside the Harbor...

There are three major areas on concern inside Dering Harbor  

  • Rocky Shoreline Along the Eastern Shore:  The eastern shore line is extremely rock and could cause some damage to any boats that wander too close.  It is best to leave plenty of room when traveling along this shore.  

Important Waypoints...

Buoy Number Location Chart Image  JPG Picture
#7 Green Buoy: located off Hay Beach Point on Shelter Island. 41 06.58' N
072 19.35' W
Last position taken on 67/1/01

 7 hay beach point.gif (42023 bytes)

#8A Red Tower: Tower at end of Jedi in Greenport. Flashing red 4 seconds. 41 06.24' N
072 20.78' W
Last position taken on 67/1/01

 greenport jedi.gif (42236 bytes)

Greenport Jedi web.jpg (31924 bytes)
#1 Green Buoy:  Entrance to Dering Harbor 41 05.389' N
072 21.078' W

 dering hrb 1.gif (48984 bytes)

Dering Hbr G buoy.JPG (47117 bytes)
Red Buoy:  Entrance to Dering Harbor  41 05.367' N
072 21.161' W

dering harbor red.gif (48235 bytes)


#10 N Red Buoy:  Off Fanning Point near North Ferry 41 05.438' N
072 21.665' W

Red N 10.gif (42313 bytes)

North Ferry Buoy web.jpg (47892 bytes)


For more waypoints see Waypoints Around Shelter Island.








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