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Coecles Harbor Cruising Guide: 
Things To Do 


This harbor is as beautiful as it is fun.  There are many fun and interesting things to do while in Coecles Harbor.  Here are just a few:



There are many many things to explore wile inside Coecles Harbor.  If you have a good reliable dinghy, you should be in for a real treat.

Taylor Island:  Taylor Island (or Cedar Island as it is also called) is open to explore to the general public.  You can take you dinghy to the shore and explore the beautiful grounds and home.  Please leave the island the way you found it so that others can continue to enjoy it.

Congdon's Creek:  Congdons creek is located in the south west corner of the harbor, just beyond Taylor Island.  The creek is full of wildlife and is great for the curious explorers.  It also is the home of many of the local fishing boats for Shelter Island. Clarks Marine and a town landing are also located in this creek.

Mashomack Preserve:  Mashomack Preserve is located in the anchorage area (south east section of the harbor).  Visiting boaters are welcome to explore the beaches and hike the local trails.  For more information on Mashomack.....  CLICK HERE.



Shelter Island Kayaks does many tour from Coecles Harbor.  Jay is a wonderful guide who is safe, friendly and knowledgeable of the area.  He will show you around Coelces Harbor with a whole new perspective.  Many of his tours take you through Congdon's Creek, into areas of Mashomack and other wildlife areas.  Jay gives a great tour and a very reasonable price.  If you have never been in a kayak before, it really is a wonderful experience.  You can contact Shelter Island Kayaks at 631-749-1990 or click here for more.


Church Services...

St. Gabrielle Retreat house is located right on Coecles Harbor.  The retreat house has many different event going on through the year and holds services every Sunday morning.  You can bring your dingy to their dock while you attend services.  See our Calendar of Events Page to see more scheduled events at the retreat house. 



There are two nice beaches that you can play at while staying in Coecles Harbor. Reel Point and Sungic Point are both located at the entrance to the Harbor. Reel Point is the northern Beach and Sungic Point is to the south in Mashomack Preserve.  Both beaches offer great beaches to spend a wonderful summer day.  For more beaches on Shelter Island click here.


Ice Cream & Mini Golf...

The Whales Tail Ice Cream and Mini Golf is a great place to spend a summer afternoon or early evening with the kids.  It is located less than a mile from Coecles Harbor Marina.  They also have a tennis court for you to use while the kids play mini-golf.  Click here for a map to the Whales Tale Mini-golf.



Unfortunately there are no movie theatres on Shelter Island.  The nearest movie theatre is located in Greenport, see our guide for details.



If you are looking for more ideas of things to do while on Shelter Island see Our General Guide.  Also make sure to see the calendar of events page.







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