Stirling Harbor's Cruising Guide:
Navigating the Harbor & Important Waypoints


In this section we will describe to you everything you need to know while navigating inside and outside Stirling Harbor.  The harbor is easy to access and able to harbor boats of many depths and sizes.


Our Navigation section is broken down into four section; Entering the Harbor, Inside the Harbor and Important Waypoints.



Entering the Harbor....

The entrance to Stirling Harbor is located on the western base of the Greenport Jedi.  The channel leading to the entrance is well marked and easy to navigate.  Once you pass the Jedi you may begin your turn into the channel without any concerns.  The channel leading through the entrance offers plenty of water (9-11 feet) as long as you stay inside the channel.  Outside the channel the depth becomes shallow rather suddenly.  

As you pass the point at the entrance you will see a sign for mooring information and how to contact the harbormaster.  The water at this point is also very deep and drops off sharply.  During the summer it is common to see swimmers on this point so please proceed with caution.  Remember there is a 5 M.P.H. speed limit and no wake zone inside the entire harbor.

Inside the Harbor....

Once inside the harbor you will find there is plenty of water.  The depth inside the harbor is approximately 9-14 feet in most areas.  As you pass the entrance point remember to stay off the southern shore line, for it does get shallow as you travel to the east.

Important Waypoints...

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