Greenport Village Cruising Guide:
Navigating & Important Waypoints


In this section we will describe to you everything you need to know while navigating around Greenport Village.  


Our Navigation section is broken down into four section; Approaching Greenport, Hazards and Important Waypoints.



Approaching Greenport...

From the East
As you approach Greenport from Gardiner's Bay past Bug Light into Shelter Island sound, you will find ample an amount of water.  As you approach Hay Beach Point on Shelter Island, the water does become shallow just east of this point.

After you round the point you will experience some rather strong currents while heading towards the village.  There is plenty of water in this area.  During the summer the wind blows directly from the direction you will be heading.  If you are a sailor, be prepared for some taking.  

Once you past the Greenport Jedi, you can head straight for the docks without any concerns.  You will find 5 MPH speed limit buoys posted just outside the docks.  Please observe the speed limit and remember to watch your wake.


From the West
Approaching Greenport from the Peconic Bays is quiet a beautiful trip.  Be aware that the currents that run past Paradise Point in Southold, Shelter Island's Jennings Point and North Ferry are quite strong.

After you pass Red 10 Can off Fanning Point you can head directly towards the Greenport docks.  Make sure to give way to the Shelter Island Ferry.  As you approach the Greenport Railroad dock you will find 5 MPH speed limit buoys posted just outside.  Please observe the speed limit and remember to watch your wake.



While there are no rocks or sandbars to contend with near Greenport Village, you should be careful of the numerous boats traveling around Greenport.  There are a large number of private and commercial vessels that travel around Greenport.  Many of these vessels leave a tremendous wake, which could prove to be hazardous.  

During the summer months especially, we have seen many boats in this area disregard the local speed regulations and travel in a very dangerous manner.  Many boats are leaving local bars and have little concern for smaller vessels and commercial vessels in the area.  Make sure to stay alert when traveling past this area.

Important Waypoints...

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